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The telecommunications infrastructure of 2K Telecom has been planned and built to provide business services primarily to public, government, banks, subsidiary companies and access points spread throughout the territory.
The objectives proposed for the construction of the network refer to parameters necessary for the provision of telecommunication channels to support critical applications: performance, robustness, security, security, redundancy, flexibility, scalability.
More than the provision of services whether they be Internet, transport, VPN, voice, 2K Telecom offers its customers integrated solutions that meet all the requirements and requests regarding the efficient, secure, politicized transfer of information.
The equipment and technologies used in the construction and development of the network were selected after careful market analysis, case studies by similar suppliers and long tests carried out in their own laboratories.
The aim was to cover as much as possible the territory of Romania, especially the cities and localities that represent economic, commercial, social, cultural centers, potential points for the location of offices, subsidiaries, work points by the institutions and companies, but also the favored rural coverage. the use of broadband radio technologies. Thus, the 2K Telecom network can provide broadband business services in 90% of cities and towns with more than 10,000 inhabitants and their surrounding areas.
2K Telecom directly provides national telecommunications solutions and related services to important customers such as government institutions, large and medium-sized companies, or collaborates with its integrating partners or suppliers for the implementation and operation of complex solutions.
The needs of large enterprises, multinational companies, banks, government agencies regarding the diversification of telecommunications services and maximizing their performance and quality, as well as the outsourcing of the administration, development and improvement of the networks, have triggered the transformation of the providers of data / voice / data transmission services. video from "ISP - Internet Service Provider" to "MSP - Managed Service Provider".
Basically, an MSP provides in addition to the provision of telecommunications services and equipment, applications, personnel necessary for their administration and monitoring, relieving the beneficiaries of the problems of telecommunications systems and allowing them to focus on meeting the main objectives.
Thus, the services provided by 2k Telecom are:
Transport and internet
Transport services at national level on Radio and / or fiber optic media. All the equipment necessary to make the connections are installed, monitored and managed by 2K Telecom, and fall into the class of specialized equipment of carrier type (dedicated to telecommunications operators).
All connections are always on type, with guarantee and assurance of Business class SLA parameters.
For connections on radio support, installation, reconfiguration, quick relocation of connections throughout the country is ensured. (less than 7 days from order in the coverage area)
Pioneer of the MSP concept in Romania, 2K Telecom, provides a comprehensive portfolio of telecommunications services and annexes under managed regime.
Private virtual networks
The national MPLS infrastructure of 2K Telecom, allows the implementation of L2 and L3 VPN services through technology and protocols dedicated and optimized for such solutions. The routing and VPN instances are defined on all 2K Telecom equipment and thus the client benefits from VPN connectivity, security, quality assurance of the end-to-end service.
In order to secure and further encrypt the data / voice / video streams that cross the VPN, CPE-type equipment can be installed and configured at the client's locations, which will ensure the controlled tunneling of the flows according to the beneficiary's requirements, as well as the additional data encryption. . Configuring VPN equipment and parameters is the responsibility of 2K Telecom, which relieves the beneficiary's personnel of complex network administration. The requests for modification / reconfiguration / upgrade will be made by the responsible personnel of the client through the means made available by 2K Telecom (telephone, fax, email, web interface).
The monitoring and preparation of reports on VPN traffic is also carried out by the 2K Telecom staff, at a general level or specific to specific customer requirements.
Unified protection
2K Telecom also provides data flow inspection services in order to identify and eliminate the threat.

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