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Meat processing factory Lactag ”Pe Gustate” - Carcea, Craiova county

Asset Code: 59014, Dolj - Carcea, LACTAG S.A.


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The factory is located in Carcea Village, 4-6 Pacii street, Dolj county, 3 km from Craiova, an area where there are mainly agro-industrial buildings.
The area is continualy expanding, it is easily accessible to means of transportation and there are many public interests facilities.

The land corresponding to the building is flat, it has an area of 3.779 square meters, the street front is of around 40 ml and it is equipped with all the necessary facilities: electricity, water -its own drilled well, seweage - septic tank, station purge.

The foundation of the building is made of concrete, the walls are sandwich panels, the roof is made of metal and the external woodwork is from PVC with double- glazed windows.
The factory has a ground floor and a floor: ground=1.904 sq.m., area=2.333,75 sq.m. (hall=1.740,72 sq.m. and offices=592,73 sq.m., Scd=2.569 sq.m., septic tank=205 sq.m., drilled well=6 sq.m.

The business line of the cold cuts factory provides the following:
• over 100 products, outlined by consumption and standards in an IT integrated system
• game portfolio of products for all market segments: low, medium and premium quality
• over 1500 active clients / day
• contracts in the negotiation stage with different domestic and external partners
• Existing necessary authorisations
• Existing quality certificates, intra-community delivery certificates
• Qualified staff, employed to work in the production line
• Granted merchandise traceability
• Commercial, financial and legal account due to an online IT-ERP system

The meat business line is active and at this moment the production reaches 4 tones/day. The production capacity of the factory is of 20 tones/day, 10 tones of cold cuts and 10 tons of fresh meat. There are over 60 employees, who have a relevant experience in the field, coordinated by engineers and technologists having more ten years of experience in meat processing and cold cuts production.

The factory reaches the most modern European standards in its field. The 100 meat products that are part of the "To be tasted" brand are: boiled and smoked cold cuts, specialties, smoked meat, half-dry products, seasonal products, etc.

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1,399,682.00 EUR

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