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Zootechnical property - Pig Farm

Asset Code: 77650, Iasi - Coarnele Caprei, FERMA ROBERT S.R.L.


Year of construction 2008
Urban landyes
Land area (sqm)15000
Utilities 1

Coarnele Caprei commune is located in the North part of Iasi county, at approx. 60 km from the town of Iași, comprising near the center of the Commune, the villages Arama and Petroșica. The territory of the Commune is contiguous to the North with the localities Scobinți and Plugari, to the East with Fântanele and Focuri, to the South with Belcești and to the West with Cotnari and Ceplenița.
The area in which the property is located is an agricultural one, the immediate neighborhoods of the property being those of the type of agricultural land.

Physical and legal identification of the property in the patrimony of the Farm Robert S.R.L.
The appraised property is located in the town of Coarnele Caprei, Iasi County and can be identified based on the following landmarks:
The property is located in the extended commune of the commune, on the north side of the access road DJ 281D, which makes the connection between the Horns of Caprei and Focuri, at approx. 4 km from Focuri;
Direct access from the main street: DJ 281D;
Gravel road, with a lane on the way.

Capacity of the farm, neighbors and utilities:
At N: Proprietatea Pig Farm SRL;
La V: Proprietatea Pig Farm SRL;
At S: Access Road DJ 281D;
At E: Land owned by Arama Parish.
The property is of a zootechnical type - Farm for raising pigs that has both land, as well as constructions and equipment / installations.
The capacity of the farm is 7,200 heads / year, 2,400 heads / series.
The farm was partially built in 2008. 2 halls were built, according to the building authorization no. 108 / 07.06.2007. Currently the farm is functional.
Electricity is provided by underground cable from the neighboring farm (Pig Farm SRL), which in turn was supplied through a transformer station that does not belong to it. When trading the property, an investment is needed in the direct connection to the electricity network or it can be facilitated to purchase the current transformer.

Characteristics of the land:
surface suitable for current use;
opening to the main transport route of 90 ml;
approximately rectangular in shape;
adequate sides ratio (1/2);
inclined topography;
normal foundation conditions;
without exposure to hazards (floods, landslides).

The movable goods that are the subject of the sale:
Pig breeding equipment includes:
Garbage disposal systems, boxing, watering and feeding systems, air conditioning (ventilation, cooling, heating) and accessories (video surveillance system). LPG feed system (two 3,000 L tanks) and one water tank.
These equipment make up the pig breeding line in all its stages.

The activity of the farm consists of raising fatty piglets (approx. 25 kg / head) up to the weight of 100 kg - 120 kg / head.
The growth period (the duration of a cycle) is about four months (also includes the depopulation, washing and cleaning of the halls), so that, in a year, the company completes three growth cycles, totaling a total of 7,200 heads.
The farm is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, the BIG DUTCHMAN brand - Germany, and the technological flow is 100% through computers.

359,838.00 EUR

Price does not contain VAT