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Real estate – 62.491 sq. m. located in 2, Regiei Blvd. District 6, Bucharest (the former tobacco industrialization factory)- Mixed, multifunctional project development opportunity: offices, commercial, residential

Asset Code: 78154, SAI, Bucuresti - Sector 6, INTERAGRO SA


Urban landyes
Land area (sqm)62.491
Utilities energie electrica, apa, deversare ape pluviale

Real estate – 62491 sq. m. located in 2, Regiei Blvd., District 6, Bucharest (the former tobacco industrialization factory)- Mixed, multifunctional project development opportunity: offices, commercial, residential.

The recent trend and the trend provisioned for the next period on capital's real estate market is beneficial to the development of mixed, multifunctional projects, both by the construction of such new complexes, and by the reconversion of former industrial or commercial areas that have favorable position.

The area and location recommend the real estate situated in Blvd. Regiei no. 2 as major opportunity for the development of a project that is representative for the urban landscape of Bucharest, which may include modern office areas, retail commercial areas, strip-mall, show-room, etc., areas for hotels and Horeca, areas for related services (clinics, schools, kindergartens, sport activities, entertainment).

The property is related to the former tobacco industrialization factory and the value thereof results from the surface of the land, the location thereof and from the opportunities for the development of future office projects, commercial, residential or mixt projects.

The property is located in the Central-West area of the Capital, including the perimeter Orhideea - Basarab Passage and surroundings of Grozăveşti, Petrache Poenaru and Politehnica subway stations, area which, as of 2015, has become a new pole for the residential and office segment in Bucharest, after the already well-known areas Piaţa Victoriei-Aviatorilor, Barbu Văcărescu-Floreasca, respectively Pipera.
The area has recently been shown increased interest and intense development, materialized through new large projects such as: Orhideea Towers, The Bridge, Business Garden Bucharest etc., in addition to those previously developed.
The interest in the development of a new pole of projects in the office and residential segment has also been supported by the main advantages: closeness to Politehnica University of Bucharest and to Regie and Grozăvești Campuses, connections through Grozăvești and Basarab subway stations, Basarab Passage, Gara de Nord, etc.

The real estate is located in Calea Giulesti - Blvd. Regiei – Orhideea area, at the congruence of three real estate development poles: retail, residential and commercial offices.
According to District ZUP, the property is included in CB3 area, being subject to the following town planning regulations: LOP max 70%, LUC max 4.5, height regime GF+14 F.

The location has the following street entrance: 195 m to Str. Boisoara, 90 m to Calea Giulești and 125 m to Blvd. Regiei and has access to the following public utilities: water/sewerage, electricity and gas.

Breakdown of real estate land
Total area of the land 62491 sq. m, of which:
• 42568 sq. m - land that can be cleared by the demolition of existing buildings;
• 19923 sq. m- land that cannot be cleared by the demolition of buildings due to legal restrictions (they can be preserved, refurbished and restored and included in a newly developed project)

33,595,000.00 EUR

Price does not contain VAT