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Refinery RAFO industrial platform - Onesti, Bacau county

Asset Code: 61487, Bacau - Onesti, RAFO S.A.


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RAFO Onesti is one of four of Romania’s largest refineries with an installed capacity of 3.5 million tones of crude oil. The Refinery has excellent logistics facilities. Crude oil is delivered from the port of Constanta (335 km pipe line) via a dedicated crude oil pipeline.

• Existing enterprise was establishes in the early 80th. The operation life of such plants is about 50 years. It means that the refinery may carry out its regular operations until 2030. In the period 1980 - 2008 main refinery installations actually worked 22.5 years.
All the existing units have undergone regularly inspections and possess operation permits.

Over the last years the refinery was under temporary shutdown and new operation permits will be issued prior to start-up of the operations. Ultrasonic thickness measurements and hydrotestings are being performed in accordance with Romanian technical supervision commission, i.e. every 2 – 4 years.
• The refinery is a fully integrated crude oil processing system including: primary and secondary processing installations,
deep conversion installations, and installations to obtain fuels EURO 5 and LPG used as raw materials for the
petrochemical sector and domestic consumption .
• The production activity in the refinery is halted since 2008 as RAFO wasundergoing a restructuring and modernization program. RAFO has continued financing CAPEX amounting to euro 50 mln. Relocation of Delayed coking unit (with expansion up to 650 kta) and new hydrogen plant , nitrogen plant, sulphur recovery plant were among these investments.

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Refinery RAFO industrial platform - Onesti, Bacau county