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Real estate – 62491 sq. m. located in Blvd. Regiei no. 2, District 6, Bucharest (the former tobacco industrialization factory)- Mixed, multifunctional project development opportunity: offices, commercial, residential

Sign up deadline: 05/03/2020 at 15:00 - 7 days
Auction date: 06/03/2020 at 15:00
Sales person: Contact sales person...
Advert code: CIT12343
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Subscribed by CITR Ilfov Branch SPRL as judicial administrator of INTERAGRO SA (in judicial reorganization, in judicial reorganization, en redressement), CUI RO 32639607, organizes a competitive public auction of the real estate asset:

INTRAVILAN LAND, with a total area of ​​62,491 sqm with industrial buildings and annexes, located in Bucharest, Regiei Bd no. 2, sector 6 (former tobacco industrialization plant). The asset presents the opportunity for further development of a multifunctional mixed project (offices, commercial, residential, etc.).

Starting bid price - EUR 33,595,000 excluding VAT

The price does NOT include VAT. Regarding VAT, the legal provisions in force at the date of the transaction will apply.

The auction will be held on 06.03.2020, at 15:00, at the chosen headquarters of the judicial administrator in Bucharest, str. Gara Herăstrău no. 4, et. 3, Sector 2.

The participation guarantee is EUR 3,000,000 (three million euros). The guarantee is not a VAT holder.

The documentation required to participate in the auction can be found in the Tender’s Book which can be purchased from the chosen headquarters of the judicial administrator - Bucharest, str. Gara Herăstrău no. 4, et. 3, Sector 2. The tender registration documentation must be submitted until 3:00 pm on the last working day prior to the auction meeting. The purchase of the Specification is obligatory for the participation in the auction. The price of a Tender Book is 20,000 EUR + VAT.

The conditions to be met by the bidders for the participation in the auction are specified in the Regulation containing the instructions for conducting the auction, approved within the reorganization plan of InterAgro SA. The Regulation is an integral part of the Tender’s Book.

Those interested can obtain additional data and information on the sales platform of the judicial administrator sales.citr.ro, ad code CIT12343 on the phone +40.744.548507 or on the e-mail address ovidiu.braila@citr.ro.